Core and Ore supply Natural wood floors in both solid and engineered formats. Working closely with a select group of importers and manufacturers, primarily Ted Todd, they are about is best described by it’s founder.

About Ted Todd

Ted Todd is Great Britain’s leading name in premium quality hardwood floors. We constantly innovate through product design with a passion to deliver unique and unusual hardwood floors.


“It’s 20 years since I started the business in my parents’ garden – hungry for business adventure, keen to experiment and knowing I faced huge challenges with so many established companies. So I started small and reclaimed hardwood floors from old mills…”

“Twenty years later, we’re doing something right – as borne out by thousands of floors we’ve supplied across all project types in the UK and internationally – family homes, city apartments, five-star hotels, retail spaces, bars, restaurants, national museums and others.”


Some say we’re trendsetters, a strange description given that we’ve always focused on timeless classic style rather than meeting fashion whims. That said, over 20 years, we’ve developed many new ideas into great wood floors. A notable example was solid wide-plank oak floorboards, an unashamed flooring experiment that was distinctly different to the narrow strips that were prevalent at the time. Solid wide-plank oak boards are now accepted as quite normal…

Always improving and rethinking what a wood floor is

We believe wood remains the best material known to man. There’s nothing else like wood on earth; we respect this by using it responsibly and crafting beautiful things that will last.

_“That’s our pleasure and our profession, and all our hardwood floors embody this. We make no apology for offering so many floors and accessories. If choosing is hard, our experienced, professional, team will guid you. Or you could contact one of our knowledgeable partners across the UK for advice and help with installation.

Integrity underpins everything we do

Integrity underpins everything. You won’t find trickery in our descriptions of flooring, wear layers, constructions and origins. Our clear, honest approach rules out untried and untested constructions to cut corners (and costs). You can also forget double-veneer wear layers, mixed-wood plywoods, jointed back layers or dishonest descriptions of wood origins. There aren’t any.

We’ve always offered premium quality at a fair price – European hardwoods, proven construction methods, great lengths, widths and patterns that you say are important.

For all your Wood needs please contact Core and Ore on 01179 042408 or email sales@coreandore.com